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Setting the standard in Islamic wear with the latest in trending boutique designs and outstanding features enabling strength and durability. Our Light weight fabric keeps the condition better for longer use.

Hareer & Hasheeh

Hijaab & Niqaab Collection

Luxury at its finest!

Indulge in a brand new la udher collection, the hareer collection. Termed after its silk satin look & feel.

What We Do

What makes a modern muslim beautiful? The woman herself, of course. And to elevate that, what she chooses to conceal herself in. Our design processes are driven by her. Fabrics that feel good against the skin, hues that she’ll never have trouble choosing between, fits that bring confidence.

Abaya Range


Hijaab Range

Niqaab Range

Thobe Range

Beauty Products

2023 Exclusive Line

The epitome of elegance & finesse we’re proud to bring to you our new range styled with grace and presented with royalty leaving nothing more to be desired in this glamourous garment line.

2023 Exquisite Line

Amidst the events over the past year, none have been as looked forward to as our latest styles in elegant and versatile modern islamicwear. Check out the newest Abayas added to this season’s collection.




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We use only the finest resources to craft our materials and attention to detail stitching.


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Explore a world of modern meets modesty. A must have for every refined & elegant Muslim Woman or Man.

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